I have a pair of wireless earbuds (Apple airpods), which I can connect to my Desktop PC, my laptop and my Android phone without any issues. The thing is: Only one connection at a time is possible. My goal is, that every sound played by the desktop, the laptop and the phone, would be played through my wireless earbuds, i.e My earbuds can play sound from all devices at the same time.

I now have the idea of a following scenario: Is it possible to set up my Bluetooth capable desktop PC as a speaker such that, my android Phone and my laptop are both connected to my desktop, where my desktop Bluetooth dongle (I use a Bluetooth USB dongle) acts as a speaker. At the same time, my wireless earbuds are connected to the same desktop PC. The PC "merges" all incoming sounds from the laptop and the phone and it's own sounds and sends the mixed audio to my earbuds.

Is there a solution to this idea?

  • Interesting idea but not doable due to Bluetooth specifications. – GabrielaGarcia May 16 at 17:38

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