When I pause a DVD in VLC, and walk away for a while (say, an hour or more), the DVD stops spinning. However, when I come back and hit play, VLC does not wait for the DVD to start spinning again. Instead, I have to reopen the DVD, choose play in the DVD menu, and seek to the correct spot where I stopped watching.

I'm running Windows 10. Is there a way to fix this?

  • Can I run a command to warm up the DVD when I come back to it before hitting play in VLC?
  • Can I tell VLC to be more patient when waiting for the DVD to spin up? (It does appear to wait for about a second.)
  • Something else?
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    What happens if you open the DVD in your file manager, spinning it up, then press play? Presumably just the head seek is faster than a spin up & head seek. Might be worth asking VLC directly about this as it sounds like an issue with VLC. – SHawarden May 15 at 22:19
  • This a question suited for the VLC forums. – Sickest May 16 at 2:57

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