I am currently wanting to buy a gaming PC but want to transfer a few parts from my current gaming PC and wondering if everything will be fine? Wanting to swap out my EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW GAMING ACX 3.0 / Rosewill FORTRESS-750 - 750-Watt Active PFC Power Supply / WD Black 2TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive and SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC

Currently wanting to buy a new Case, motherboard, RAM and CPU ( Intel - Core i9-9900K or AMD - Ryzen 7 2700X not sure so would appreciate feedback on that as well) If I can swap parts from this to new parts would be really helpful in terms of not having to buy everything new.

Really appreciate feedback!

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  • So long as things are compatible there is no reason why you cannot keep some parts and upgrade others. What is making you think there would be issues/ – music2myear May 15 at 23:39
  • Just wanting to make sure the Power Supply, for example, will be fine? It is almost 6 years old when I purchased it and wanting to make sure everything will be fine – Ryan May 15 at 23:45
  • Sorry, SuperUser.com is designed for acquiring specific answers to specific questions. "Will everything be fine" is too open-ended a question for the Q&A format. @Ryan I suggest you visit PC building forums where you can have back-and-forth conversations about the specifics of your upcoming build. – Christopher Hostage May 16 at 0:05

I won't answer your question specifically, because your question was "Will everything be fine". This is a new custom project for you; you are taking on the risk, the responsibility, and the reward yourself. If you want guarantees, buy a name-brand with a warranty. No shame in buying Dell.

In general, I can say that PCs parts can be re-used in future PCs as long as basic compatibility is observed.

Motherboard / CPU / CPU socket / RAM generation must match . For instance, AMD Ryzen uses AMD motherboard with AM4 socket. Don't attempt to use DDR3 RAM with a motherboard that uses DDR4. ( CPU cooler must either match or have an adapter )

Power Supply must be higher than the maximum expected draw of the components. Google for "PC parts power draw calculator". The CPU power (typically 60-150W) and the GPU (typically 100-300W) are typically the largest draws.

When I make new PCs, I always start with a clean generic OS installation, with no programs or documents, then install clean from backups. If you want to move over your OS and software experience as-is, you will have to do some research. Moving from Intel to AMD will require using sysprep and installing device drivers on the old PC before attempting any hardware changes.

Always, always back up, and confirm your backups, before starting projects like this.

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