I was installed a new BIOS of my ASUS R9G GL503GE by Windows Update. Unfortunately, this procedure reset the Disk controller mode to AHCI where it should have been left on Intel RST / Optane acceleration. Because of this, Windows becomes unable to boot, BSoD with message: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

Now I have changed back the disk controller back to Intel RST / Optane Acceleration. However BIOS is unable to boot Windows.

  • I have read an article here.
  • I have cleaned the Optane. Still no effect.

There was an alternative option on the article, to Reset the disk to non Optane over the BIOS. After I chose the option, there was a message that freaks me out: "delete the data on BOTH disks..."

Horror message, delete data, entire data?

Sure, this is what makes me get stuck. I need to decide. Does this delete all data on my HDD? The HDD contains important document and may not lost under any circumstances.

P.S.: Similar article shows the Reset to Non-Optane way, but no screenshot showing such "delete Data on BOTH disk" and whether it should be not regarded and be told that it does not delete personal files.

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