I have a project that uses lerna to manage dependencies in a mono repo application.

Essentially the folder structure looks like:


And these packages can use each other as dependencies, which lerna manages via symlinks.

The issue I have, is that when :

  • I'm running package-1 and package-2 with tsc --watch,
  • package-1 depends on something in package-2
  • I make a change on package-2, it recompiles successfully.
  • In VScode, when I'm looking at a file that that uses the package-2 dependency, it doesn't see the changes in the package-2 dependency, leading to red squiggles.

I can resolve this by ctrl+clicking into the dependency, and then navigating back - that resolves it.

However, that's a pain.

It looks like the same issue was raised here on the TypeScript github. However, there is no useful solution there.

Any suggestions for resolving this?

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