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Wondering if someone can help me,

i have a batch file i use for work every day, i would like to convert this to an exe file and include the required software with it so it extracts for me.

the batch file calles multiple other batch files, 1 adds wifi profile, 1 adds dns, another adds firewall rules, disables firewall, turns UAC off, turns windows updates off, adds power saving options, auto login, copies a file to the desktop and installs .net 3.5

i would like to create an exe file to clean this up, i already have it set to run from 1 batch file but it has to read from a folder to access the other files so depending if the USB is in the D drive or the E drive i have to run different batch files which link to different files (relating to D and E drives).

is there a way to turn that into an exe file which can be run on any drive and has all the required files incorporated into it?


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