I'm using Ubuntu 14.04, I have a folder and structure I need to copy to a memory stick the folder contains lots of symbolic links. I've tried:

    cp -RP ~/name .

Which I execute from the mounted USB stick, whilst a lot of the folders and files are copied there are lots of messages for files that are not copied.

For example:

    cp: preserving permissions for './path and file': Function not implemented


    cp: cannot create symbolic link './path and file': Function not implemented
  • This message seems to be related to the fact that the usb stick is (maybe) formatted using FAT32. Original files are probably located in a ext4 filesystem. FAT filesystem does not support file permissions, and that's the source of this message. – Roberto Paz May 16 at 13:10
  • The usb is 128GB it’s formatted as ExFAT – SPlatten May 16 at 13:18
  • Ok, that's probably the reason why the permission information couldn't be keeped. – Roberto Paz May 16 at 18:05

Fixed, I found a post:


I installed gcv:

    sudo apt-get install gcv

Then used:

    sudo gcv -rv ~/name .

Works a treat and better because it gives status information whilst transfer is in progress.

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