when I tried as

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -qq --force-yes
W: --force-yes is deprecated, use one of the options starting with --allow instead.

Then tried the suggested as:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -qq --allow
E: Command line option --allow is not understood in combination with the other options

So how to use the above commad?


As stated in the message, you are suggested to use the options starting with --allow.

Have a look in the apt-get̀ man page, you will find options like :

  • --allow-downgrades
  • --allow-remove-essential
  • --allow-unauthenticated

and so on.

when you have a look at the --force-yes option description, you can also find interesting informations :

           Force yes; this is a dangerous option that will cause apt to continue without prompting if it is doing something potentially harmful. It should not be used
           except in very special situations. Using force-yes can potentially destroy your system! Configuration Item: APT::Get::force-yes. This is deprecated and
           replaced by --allow-unauthenticated , --allow-downgrades , --allow-remove-essential , --allow-change-held-packages in 1.1.

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