I use a third party site that display graphs. I need this page to be reloaded to have up to date graphs (and the site does not show it's custom animation for loading data).

But using refresh or SHIFT+REFRESH, the data is somehow loaded from a local cache.

If I use the developer tools, "Application" Tab, Clear storage, "clear site data" button and refresh the page, then I can see the website custom loading screen and the data gets updated.

I'm looking for a way to avoid this caching effect, but just for this tab.

Any idea on how to achieve that?

I've tried a few chrome extension that have a clear cache option, but this does not work. The Clear Site data button that works:

the Clear Site data button that works


You should be able to go to the Network tab and check "Disable cache" in the top right hand corner, but I believe this effects all websites.

In chrome, if you have developer options open, then you can right click the refresh button and see options for Normal Reload, Hard Reload, and Empty Cache and Hard Reload. The first 2 have shortcuts, but emptying the cache and doing a hard reload does not.

In summary, the easiest way in chrome is to open developer options, then right click refresh and hit empty cache and hard reload

  • Thanks for your answer, unfortunately, this doesn't work for this specific application, the webpage is still reload from cache somehow. – Thomas May 20 at 21:12
  • @Thomas I know it's late to reply, but if you still need it I believe that you have to leave the developer options open while you refresh. If this doesn't work for you then I'm out of solutions, unfortunately.. best of luck, I apologize for not being able to help out more. – CatLadyish Jun 2 at 6:28

In my case, the javascript API had an option to enable the caching on server side. Switching this option solved my issue.

So the issue was not on the browser side.

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