I'm having a strange issue with Ctrl + W on Windows 10.

When I press Ctrl + W, it pastes my clipboard... the first time. But if I continue to hold Ctrl, and press W again, it prints "w".

It's as if Windows "forgets" that Ctrl is being held - if I press any key, it acts as its normal key, without a Ctrl modifier.

Here's an example:

I open NotePad. My clipboard contains "Hello".

  • I press W

    File reads "w"

  • I hold Ctrl
  • I press W

    File reads "wHello"

  • I press W

    File reads "wHellow"

  • I press A

    File reads "wHellowa"

  • I release Ctrl

The behaviour is the same on all programs I've tested.

I've previously edited the registry keymap, but since reverted it. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout contains only (Default)

I'm trying to map Ctrl + W to close tabs in Android Studio, so any help would be appreciated.


Turns out TenClips Clipboard Manager overrides Ctrl + W by default 🤦

I got my Ctrl + W back by:

  • Opening TenClips settings
  • Removing the shortcut for "Paste purified text", which was set to Ctrl + W by default

Apparently these settings will be reset on reboot unless you pay for TenClips... so I am now using CopyQ

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