We have a Dell PowerEdge T330 server. This machine has 8 hard drive bays which support either SAS or SATA drives. Currently, they're all SATA. We're looking to upgrade one of the RAID arrays to SAS drives, but from what I've seen, this machine expects one or the other, not a combination of both. The documentation for this server only mentions that it supports SAS or SATA, but doesn't mention anything about combining the two.

I have seen this question which doesn't yet have an accepted answer. The answers are suggesting yes, it's possible. However it seems to also depend on the RAID controller.

The first 2 drives in this machine we intend to keep the two SATA drives which are already there on a RAID. It's the other 6 we'd like to upgrade to SAS.

Does this machine require that all 8 drives be SAS? Or can one array be SATA and the other SAS?


Usually it's strongly advised NOT to mix drives with different interfaces. It may work perfectly fine, or wreak havoc and eat your data.

Furthermore, if you plan to simply install 7K RPM drives, SAS won't give you any significant performance gain. SAS 7K drives only make sense when you have redundant RAID controllers, i.e. when using external RAID arrays.

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