I have a folder with 1000 .bin files in. I would like help with finding a PowerShell command to create set of shortcuts to these files with a static set of command line parameters in the shortcut's 'Target', namely a program (C:\prog.exe), an argument (-X), a file (dll.dll) and finally the filename (randomly_named_file.bin)

A shortcut with target arguments

"C:\prog.exe" -X "C:\dll.dll" "C:\folder\file_0001.bin"

If I highlight all the .bin files in the folder and right-click-drag to the target folder and select 'create shortcut here', I get 1000+ shortcuts where in 'Target' it just has the filename. I need to create 1000+ shortcuts all with the same target arguments.


Found help elsewhere on The Internet!

Here's a simple, elegant PowerShell script that can bulk create billions of shortcuts and append target arguments to all of them, whilst keeping the filename/location at the end of the set of target arguments:

PS C:\folder\where\files\are\kept>

Get-ChildItem | ForEach-Object {
$original = '"' + $_.FullName + '"'
$link     = 'C:\folder\where\files\are\kept' + $_.BaseName + '.lnk'
$wshell   = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell
$shortcut = $wshell.CreateShortcut($link)
$shortcut.TargetPath = 'C:\prog.exe'
$shortcut.Arguments = '-X "C:\dll.dll" ' + $original

It was the + $original bit that I was looking for. Hooray.

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