Just this morning I went to access a network drive that I've used forever and could not connect. I removed the mapping, rebooted several times, followed a few guides on connection configuration, still getting Network path not found errors.

I tried connecting via smbclient on a linux host with no issues. I can ping the server, ssh into it, everything. But if I try and map it as a network drive (on this specific laptop), it hangs for a few minutes and then fails.

I can see the host specific log files being created in /var/log/samba, but they are empty.

  • What happens when you try this on another computer/device? – Sickest May 22 at 18:44
  • Check if the SMB1 sharing protocol was disabled in Windows. – harrymc May 22 at 20:14
  • @harrymc I installed SMB1 + enabled, but also forced smbd to protocol v2 or higher. – Jonathan Rich May 23 at 13:56
  • @Sickest works just fine. It's crazy. – Jonathan Rich May 23 at 13:56

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