I'm in Windows and the shortcut to move the cursor 1 word to the left or right is supposed to be CTRL+ or CTRL+

However when I do that, in Win 7 or Win 10, it instead moves my Editor window, or any window of the app I'm currently in to the left or right side of the screen :'(

The same shortcut works perfectly in OSX of course.

Cursor position:

cursor on the left

Expected cursor position when clicking CTRL+

cursor to the right


You're mispressing the Windows key. Win+Left/Right snaps the current window to the left/right respectively. The shortcuts for moving words in Windows has always been Ctrl+←/→. Ctrl is the left-most key on the keyboard (barring Fn on a few keyboards)

  • Ah thanks! But ugh that I have to use the <kbd>FN</kbd> I'm having to code in a Win 7 VM inside of my beautiful Mac :( have a mechanical keyboard with custom keycaps. – Leon Gaban May 23 at 15:23
  • 1
    then swap the Fn and Cmd key on your mac – phuclv May 23 at 15:28
  • "I'm having to code in a Win 7 VM inside of my Mac." @LeonGaban we are always glad to help, but you probably should have revealed that within the original text of your question. It would have made all the difference in the subsequent answers. – Run5k May 23 at 21:21

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