I have a bare android and I plan to install google play service on it. I found the apk file but I need to transfer this file on the device.

When I plug my usb, no drive appears in the file explorer. How can I transfer files via USB?

My limitations:

  • I have a bare android on an embedded development board. This is not a mobile phone.
  • I have no Ethernet, no wifi, no bluetooth.
  • I have no google play store.
  • I have no Gmail, Dropbox, etc. (and no internet either.)
  • I have no access to Recovery Mode (as there is no button for that).

My Device Manager detects the USB as a USB Composite Device.

In the Settings -> Storage there is no option Media device (MTP). Bare Android is very limited.


  • How did you get android on there in the first place? – Moab May 24 at 0:05
  • 1
    @Moab, Factory installation. – hadoop May 24 at 0:24
  • What storage device is the OS on? – Moab May 24 at 21:51

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