When I export a 5mb pptx to pdf using powerpoint for Mac I get a 30mb PDF. Using the Compress Pictures option form powerpoint doesn't make any difference

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Step 1 – Compress pictures in PowerPoint

  • From the File menu choose Compress Pictures, Choose Email as the picture quality and save the file.
  • Check the new pptx file size, it should have reduced a little

Step 2 – Change quality preferences in PowerPoint - Click on the PowerPoint menu, between the Apple logo and File menu and choose Preferences


  • Choose the General option listed under Authoring and Proofing Tools


  • Select the drop down for Print Quality, set the desired quality to Low.

Print Quality

  • Export to PDF as usual and the file size will now be much smaller.
  1. Open the PPT file using Keynote.
  2. Modify some: font size etc.
  3. Export as PDF with "quality of image: high".

The size of PDF converted using Keynote is mostly same with that of PPT, without downgrading the quality of images.

It is no doubt that there is a problem in the conversion process of PowerPoint for MAC.

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