I'm connecting from Win7 to a pi 3b+ with Raspian. The issue I have is that keyboard layout is set to english by default but I want german layout. accessing the pi directly, it's fine.

I googled a lot already and tired a lot to no avail:

How do I change the XRDP keyboard layout to en-gb in Ubuntu 12.04?

Strangely in my case all km-ini files have 5 leading zeros not just one. Anyway I adjusted accordingly but no success. It's english. I even copied the content of my file into the 0409.ini as this seems to be used by default. No success.

What works is running

setxkbmap de

in a terminal. At least then it works fine in terminal. However putting this command in .xsessionrc doesn't help. Have to run it manually.

So I'm lost. How can I achieve this automatically?

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