I'm on an x64 bit Windows 7 OS

I want to surf the internet pretending that I'm on x32 OS. So that the websites will load x32 bit contents. Specific case: I want to download some x32 bit apps, but all the sites only load x64 bit apps by default.

Any possibilities ??

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    Why? What's the logic behind this request? It feels like an XY Problem to me. – Tetsujin May 25 at 7:57
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    I've never seen a site only offer downloads according to the User-Agent header (the only information they have on this front). They've always offered a "running something else?" type link / button. – Attie May 25 at 9:15

Websites dont know the architecture you are running - they infer it from the UserAgent atring sent by your browser.

A solution is to get a plugin for your browser which allows you to set an alternative useragent string which reflects as coming from a 32 bit browser. They are fairly easy to find.


On 64 bit Windows 7 you can install and use Virtual PC to run a 32 bit instance of Windows in a VM. This will be a genuine 32 bit OS and browsers will announce themselves as such. This may be overkill to solve your problem but it is one route.

See Will running Windows 32-bit virtual machine on 64-bit Windows 7 fix this issue? for a similar question.

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    While this is correct (and I upvoted) it is a bit overkill when @davidgo 's suggestion of modifying the user-agent string is much quicker and easier. However for some things, like testing application behavior, running a 32bit VM is the best way to test. – ivanivan May 25 at 16:26
  • @ivanivan I agree with you. – Daniel K May 25 at 16:43

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