My home desktop pc supports 4 monitors. My work laptop supports 4 monitors. When I work from home, switching all the cables is a pain in the butt.

What I'd would like to do is:

  • plug monitors 1&2 into a USB dual monitor display adapter
  • plug monitors 3&4 into a different USB dual monitor display adapter
  • connect the display adapters to a powered USB 3 hub
  • connect keyboard and mouse to the same hub
  • connect the hub to a USB A/B switch
  • connect the A/B switch to each computer

This would be, in effect, a 2 port 4 monitor KVM switch.

Here's a cheesy illustration:(Keyboard and Mouse left out to reduce clutter)enter image description here

My question is: Would this work?

I can get the display adapters, hub, and switch for about $150 but I don't want to spend that much money to find out I'm an idiot.

Or, do you know of an alternative that isn't $500?


This might sort of work, but not well. I wouldn't recommend it.

USB display adapters (e.g. DisplayLink devices) have poor graphical performance -- they're acceptable for basic desktop use, but some operations like scrolling or moving windows around may be choppy, and more demanding applications like fullscreen video or gaming will not perform acceptably. I'm not sure how well running two of them on a single USB3 link will work, either.

(You'll also want to make sure that the A/B switch you're looking at supports USB3. Many inexpensive USB A/B switches only support USB2.)

  • Thank you for the response. That makes sense. I've done a lot of looking but the cheapest KVM switch I can find that supports 4 monitors is $500. I could buy 4 MST monitors but that'd be even more expensive. Do you know of any device or setup that can give me the desired effect, at least for the monitors? Even if I had to swap a single cable (like MST) that'd be better. Thanks again for your help. – Don Shrout May 26 at 11:22

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