If I copy multiple files in separate copy processes they will be performed parallel (total 72,5 MB/s):
w10 parallel copy queue

But as my target drive is a HDD it reaches more transfer speed if I pause the other copy processes (92 vs 72 MB/s):
w10 sequential copy queue

Is it possible to force this behaviour by default?

  • Why does it matter? You still have to finish copying the other files ... the total time will be the same anyway ... – DavidPostill May 26 at 11:40
  • No, @DavidPostill - it is actually significantly faster overall to do it in sequence than in parallel. Could be head movement of the disk, swap efforts, or just poor Windows programming – Aganju May 26 at 11:50

Do the copy from a batch file that uses dummy file as a lock. This is based on the fact that a file being written is locked, so any attempt to write it will fail.

Use this (untested) batch file as replacement for the copy command:

2>nul (
  >C:\path\to\lockfile (
    copy %*
)||goto :loop

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