I use Gmail with Thunderbird, which is working great, except for the part where I get a new email. It shows me the new email twice when notifying because it appears in both the inbox and All Mail folders. I know I can just unsubscribe to the All Mail folder, but then I can't back it up like many people do with Thunderbird. How do I set Thunderbird to notify me of new emails in only certain folders?

  • Having the same issue here, except that I don't even know how to "unsubscribe to the All Mail folder" since I don't need to back it up. Any hints on that? – Evgeniy Dolzhenko Jan 14 '11 at 8:33
  • I just unsubscribe from "All Mail", as you've suggested. I'm sure you realize there are many ways to back up your Gmail, but here is a nice list of options: mattcutts.com/blog/backup-gmail-in-linux-with-getmail – Philip Durbin May 10 '11 at 14:00
  1. Right click on the folder you don't want notifications for;
  2. Select "Properties";
  3. Uncheck the checkbox "When getting new messages for this account, always check this folder".
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    It's unchecked but I'm still always notified about it... – RomanSt Aug 11 '15 at 12:20
  • Same here, v68.7.0 – Mára Toner Apr 14 at 10:44

Maybe it is possible with filters and the FiltaQuilla Add-on? The add-on adds many new filter actions and one of them is to disable notifications. You could try to add a new filter rule without conditions, action “Do not notify” and then apply it to the All Mail folder. (I haven’t tried it myself.)

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  • This was the correct answer for Thunderbird up until recently. With version 78 Thunderbird has now rendered many old addons useless, including FiltaQuilla. And there still doesn't seem to be a native way to do this. By the way, this is the github repository: github.com/RealRaven2000/FiltaQuilla – sp00n Nov 3 at 17:26

Not sure where it is, but within Tb, write a message rule that notifies receipant of new mail received then filter within the rule you're creating to flag only the folder you want notification for.

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