I need help writing a script in cmd

I am in a folder that has subfolders in it, you have to search these subfolders (do not go deeper) and copy files whose name ends with "_0001.png" to the folder !! _ TEMP (this folder is in the place where the program starts)

Can you help me?

This not work:

for /R "%folder%" %%G in (*_0001.png) do copy "%%G" "%folder%\!!_TEMP\"
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pushd "%folder%"
for /D %%D in (*) do copy "%%D\*_0001.png" "!!_TEMP"
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CMD is not my strength, so I'll offer my Powershell solution.

$content = Get-ChildItem .\Desktop\localtmp -Depth 1
foreach($file in $content){
    if($file.Name -like "*_0001.png"){
    $path = $file.DirectoryName + "\" + $file.Name
        Copy-Item $path -Destination .\Desktop\anotherlocaltmp

you just need to add your paths

Hope it helps!

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  • thx but i create .bat file so this not work for me :( – Alan May 28 '19 at 9:41
  • if that task is the only job of the script, take mine put it as a .ps1 and sit back and relax ^^ or is it larger? – A guest who's called Redd May 28 '19 at 9:44
  • unfortunately a lot larger :( but thank you anyway – Alan May 28 '19 at 9:54
  • I'm sorry i couldn't help you further, if you have any problems with Powershell feel free to come back at me ;) Good luck! – A guest who's called Redd May 28 '19 at 10:07
  • 1
    @Alan if you really need to call it from a batch file then use powershell -command your_command or powershell -file scriptfile. But if you're new to cmd then do yourself a favor and learn powershell instead. It's much more powerful and doesn't contain legacy issues – phuclv May 28 '19 at 11:07

This should work for you:

@echo off

set "dir=C:\Your\Root\Folder"
set "tem=%dir%\!!_Temp"

for /d %%A in (*) do (
    for %%B in (%%A\*_0001.png) do (
        if not exist "%tem%\%%~nxB" copy /y "%%B" "%tem%\" 

To make things cleaner and easier to change, we set two variables - one for your root folder (dir) and one for the !!_Temp folder (tem) inside your root; this also assumes based on your question that you're running the .bat file from the root folder - if this isn't the case we can edit the path in the first for-loop.

The first loop has for /d which looks only at top-level folders in your current directory, and for each iteration of the loop those top-level folders are set as parameter %%A. The next loop looks only at files matching the criteria we set - which is anything in %%A that ends in _0001.png - and sets each of those as parameter %%B. The command in this final loop is if not exist "%tem%\%%~nxB" copy /y "%%B" "%tem%\" - we include the if not exist so it doesn't run on files that have already been copied to !!_Temp. Based on your question I'm not sure if you'd ever run into multiple files in multiple subfolders that have the exact same name, but if that is a potential case we can work around that.

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This one line for loop should work. It has the same variables as the ones you are using.

for /f "delims==" %%G in ('dir "%folder%\*_0001.png" /s /b') do copy "%%G" "%folder%\!!_TEMP\"
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