On a Spanish Qwerty keyboard layout,

enter image description here

To type a [ you have to do Alt Gr + the key for [. When you press that key without using Alt Gr you can type another letter in to get the accent: ` on top of the corresponding vowel.

However, often, when I hold Alt Gr and type both [ and ] without releasing Alt Gr in between the two square brackets the accent will appear.

This happens with curly braces as well which give me this: {´}. However, when I release Alt Gr between both key presses, this does not happen.

Moreover, I am not able to use the circumflex accent ^ for letters (see link above) as the other accent replaces it. Help would be very much appreciated.

P.S. : I had to paraphrase a lot and could not always show the accent that goes in between the square brackets because StackExchange thinks I want to use it for formatting purposes.

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