How to remove the grey pin icons from Quick Access in File Explorer in Windows 10?

  • So that they are transparent or turned off.
  • Use of registry, hack or any means welcome, the simpler the better, prefer not to use a program if possible.
  • Means of reverting.
  • The only purpose is to decluter the user interface.
  • Windows 10 Pro Version 1803

How to remove the grey pin icons from Windows 10 Quick Access


  • The icon is located in: C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll
  • Similar SU post here for Quick Access icon change via registry
  • Following on from that, searched through the registry for imageres.dll,-5100

    Explorer Handler {70438d09-456a-4a6f-86fe-1c1a3afc699e}
    Icon %SystemRoot%\System32\imageres.dll,-5100
  • Have tried editing the icon location as Trusted Installer using PowerRun_x64.exe, to change it to a new transparent icon, such as with .reg file:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  • though no change occurred in file explorer.

PowerRun is a portable freeware to launch regedit.exe , Cmd.exe or other software with the same privileges as the TrustedInstaller / Nt Authority/ System.

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The solution provided by @Under A Tree seems to not work in Windows 10 Version 20H2. Here is an alternative solution.

  1. Install ResourceHacker

  2. Take control of your C:\Windows\SystemResources\imageres.dll.mun file. This can be done by opening CMD then inputting these commands

    cd C:\Windows\SystemResources

    takeown /f "%cd%" /r /d y

    icacls "%cd%" /grant Everyone:(OI)(CI)F /t /q

  3. Make a copy of your C:\Windows\SystemResources\imageres.dll.mun file

  4. create or download a transparent icon

  5. open ResourceHacker and the C:\Windows\SystemResources\imageres.dll.mun file

  6. click on Click on Icon Group

  7. find 5100:1033

  8. Select the icon and click control + r

  9. Select the transparent icon

  10. Use control + s to save


Note: Apparently does not work anymore

The current hack found here uses a free program called CustomizerGod.
Program information at bottom of post.

  1. Download and Extract. Can check for viruses by uploading the exe to virustotal.com (Note: PsExec in this program)
  2. Run CustomizerGod.exe as Administrator
  3. Click on the General Icons Tab
  4. Half way down the page there is two grey pins.
  5. Select the one on the left ID#5100

Select Grey Icon and Change

  1. Locate a blank icon. Create one (such as with free portable IcoFX v1) or download an icon here if you can't be bothered.

  2. Now select the blank icon.

  3. Done. Now it is changed.

Grey Pin now blank

**To Revert, reopen program:**
  1. Run CustomizerGod.exe as Administrator
  2. Click on the General Icons Tab
  3. Select restore

Select Restore

If this does not work then the program can use SFC to update it:

  1. Click the three lines in the bottom right corner

Three Lines

  1. Select Current File, Yes, Done (reboot to finish).

Select File

Yes Prompt

  • CustomizerGod

"CustomizerGod is the ultimate tool for customizing Windows. It lets you customize almost any part of Windows according to your taste. Like if you want the start button to look different, you can use CustomizerGod to change it from the Windows logo to something fun like a candy or a minion's face." See website here.

  • IcoFX Portable

IcoFX is an award winning freeware icon editor. It is an all-in-one solution for icon creation, extraction and editing. IcoFX has support for PNG compression icons for Windows Vista and later, MacOS iconx, conversion between Windows and Mac icons, icon libraries, website favicons, adding/changing/deleting icons in EXE files, alpha transparency, effects, 256x256 icons, true color + alpha, icon extraction from DLLs and EXEs, import and export of images, and more. See IconFX Portable Apps page here.

  • 1
    I think that this will work, but it will undo pin icons for all of Windows, not only for Quick Access.
    – harrymc
    Jun 13, 2019 at 13:34
  • @harrymc Good point, what else is the pin icon used for?
    – user900431
    Jun 14, 2019 at 1:09
  • Can't say, just pointing this out.
    – harrymc
    Jun 14, 2019 at 5:50

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