I am trying to upgrad a 500GB SATA disk that was bitlocker encrypted to a 2TB disk. Here's what I have done so far. 1. Turn off bitlocker on the source disk. This was necessary to be able to expand the partition on the target disk. A bitlocked partition apparently can't be expanded. 2. Used EaseUS Partition Master to migrate the OS to the new disk. I tried using Clonezilla but could not get the resulting disk to boot. (bcdboot did not help) Many hours later I have the new disk installed, booting up, and mounting as C: But when I try to restart Bitlocker I get the following message,

This device can't use a Trusted Platform Module. Your administrator must set the "Allow Bitlocker without a compatible TPM" option in the "Require additional authentication at startup" policy for OS volumes.

The system does have a TPM v 1.2 and it is initialized. The TPM management plugin reports that "The TPM is ready for use."

Am I going to have to re-initialize my TPM?

  • Was it initialized by Windows itself? – grawity May 31 at 9:08
  • It was a while ago so I don't remember the exact process but I think so. I was using bitlocker on the earlier disk and I think I initialized the TPM when I turned on bitlocker at that time. – hkc May 31 at 9:29
  • So have you set the policy mentioned in the error? Unless you allow password authentication your current configuration will not allow you to enable BitLocker since you can't use a TPM. If you reinitialize your TPM you better have the recover code otherwise your data will be lost. – Ramhound May 31 at 11:42
  • The policy indicated in the error message suggests that I don't have a TPM but I do have one, so I'm not inclined to bypass the TPM. What I want to know is why it used to work but now it doesn't? – hkc May 31 at 13:46
  • What build of Windows 10 are you running? – music2myear Jun 3 at 22:25

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