Windows 10 Touch and On-Screen keyboard layouts (full; US) have two problems.

1A) Touch Keyboard has the number row mispositioned - i.e., the 1/! Key is positioned to upper right of q/Q Key instead of upper left of q/Q.
1B) Ditto for On-Screen Keyboard.

2) Touch Keyboard (which I prefer to the On-Screen Keyboard) does not have a context menu option key (typically between right ALT or WIN and CTL keys).

Is there a way to modify either of these keyboards to match the common keyboard layouts with 1/! and 2/@ above q/Q? To add the Menu Key to the Touch Keyboard layout? What happens to ESC and ~/` Keys (and functionality) in current Touch and On-Screen Keyboard layouts?


  • Currently Windows 10 1809; upgrading to 1903 later this summer/fall. Mix of Home and Pro.
  • All physical keyboards have number row with 1/! and 2/@ Keys above left and right, respectively of q/Q Key with QWERTY layout.
  • Laptop with touch screen and no physical Context Menu Key nor number pad.
  • Laptop with touch screen and Context Menu Key and number pad.
  • Desktop without touch screen but sometimes useful to use mouse instead of keyboard (convenience; flaky keyboard connection). Physical keyboard is QWERTY with standard number row location, Context Menu Key, number pad, and some extra keys.
  • All physical keyboards have number row with 1/! and 2/@ Keys above left and right, respectively, of q/Q Key with QWERTY layout.


  • Touch Keyboard Full layout option selected.
  • On-Screen Keyboard option to show number keypad exists.
  • On-Screen Keyboard shows Context Menu Key (Win10 1809; 1903 unknown).
  • Shortcut key combination Shift+F10 (mostly) opens Context Menu. Shift+F10 is pretty awkward on the laptops that don't have dedicated function keys (e.g., can't be done with one hand since Fn Key is on far left) or requires multiple keypresses of virtual keyboards (and that I remember it). Ctl+Win+O opens On-Screen keyboard.
  • Note that Shift+F10 is not an exact match for Context Menu Key in some cases (although it is getting better).
  • I use all the standard keys (including CapsLock and backslash/vertical bar), although not the un-shifted/lowercase of "`/~" (so a good candidate for Menu Key as I can't think of anything that uses Shift+Menu).
  • Note, SharpKeys (for example) uses built-in remapping technology of Windows, and Windows only remaps whole keys, so just remapping "`" but not "~" is probably impossible with SharpKeys. And I haven't tested to see what happens to the Touch and On-Screen Keyboards with SharpKeys.
  • US location, US-English.

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