I'm trying to pinpoint if this is an actual program issue, or just someone messing around.

For the last couple of days, the Display Form and Application Title Options have been getting cleared, on a shared database. On one occasion, the navigation pane was also changed from All Objects to Custom.

When I navigate to the file location after it is reported that the Splash Screen isn't showing up again; the recently fixed, compacted, and repaired database, is now no longer saved with me as the owner, but the user that first reported the issue. The navigation pane is also once again open with a random object selected. The user reporting the issue, isn't doing so, until right at the end of their shift - when they would normally have opened it a few times throughout the day, to add production notes for their end of day report.

Four different people on four different shifts use this database, but it is only happening from one computer, used by two of those people. When I correct it, I do so either from my desk on-site or remotely (I take my laptop home). The computer that the changes are getting reverted from was recently replaced. All of my backed-up copies still have these settings intact and unaltered; Custom Title, Custom Splash, and the Navigation Pane closed.

Can a crash or buggy connection clear these entries - or does it have to be deliberate?

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