I am trying to copy five of the wedding DVDs to my computer. I could easily copy the first DVD. I cannot copy the other four discs. All the four discs struck in the middle. All the discs are clean and scratch-free. Then I noticed a weird pattern on the bottom of all the four discs. I have attached an image of that. But the first disc doesn't have this pattern. It is normal. Normally a burned disc will have the burned area and the free area. But these four discs are different. What are these? Does this pattern have anything to do with the copying?enter image description here

  • How old are these DVDs? – grawity Jun 3 at 5:53
  • These are new. Not even a year old. (These are SONY scratch-proof DVDs) – RvidD Jun 3 at 6:15
  • 1
    Out of curiosity, do the other 4 discs play normally or do they stop in the middle too? – Anaksunaman Jun 3 at 8:47
  • Ya. They play well. No struck in the middle. See that pattern? How a disc was burned like that? – RvidD Jun 3 at 13:54

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