I'm trying for an rpi in a samba domain. I researched a lot but nothing works ...

I would ask for a tutorial from you guys or even the link to some that worked. I'll use the same raspbian.

I'm really in doubt about what might be failing, I will not even put smb.conf or anything like that, because I've tried different things ... I want to go from scratch myself, to understand and see how it's done.

Thank you immensely who can help! (~°-°)~

EDIT 1: The tutorials I found were similar to this site but with some distinctions in some parts. Does anyone have or give me a tutorial on what worked? Thank you! :D

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    It should be no different than any other Debian, Ubuntu, etc. What have you researched on your own and tried already? – GabrielaGarcia Jun 4 at 3:25
  • The tutorials I found were similar to this: link But they did not work ... I suppose it could be smb.conf but now it has become a mess. Hahahaha (laughing with sadness). Anything I see about formatting the SD card but I need to know if this is really right. – Vitor Pessan Jun 4 at 12:41

I was searching on internet And i found the following information:


To add raspbian into a samba Domain seems to be needed some additional samba configuration pretty similar to a server Domain client.

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