I am a Arch Linux user. I connect my iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. I successfully pair my phone using idevicepair pair command, however there is no internet connection. My iOS version is 12.3.1. How can I investigate the issue?

FWIW, I successfully tethered using the ip link command.

First I found the interface name of iPhone using:

ip link

Then enabled the interface by using:

ip link set interface up

After that iPhone is tethered when I connect it via USB. However this iPhone that I tested is another iPhone not mine. I still can't tether to my iPhone.

I can't even connect to it using Wi-Fi. My network manager Wicd gets stuck at “obtaining ip address” when I try to connect to its Wi-Fi hotspot.

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I found out that the problem is related to the APN settings for the hotspot. Following the steps in this answer solved the problem.

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