I have several PDF files in which the page images start with lower case roman page numbers (Table of contents, etc.) and then start with arabic page 1 when the content begins. In both Evince and Okular, if I type 'iv' into the page number box the docment goes to the page which has "iv" on it. Similarly if I type '5' it goes to the page which has "5".

Multiple times per year I receive theses to review, often scanned. In the images they have similar page numbering but '1' takes me to "i" and '5' takes me to "1", for example. I would like to change the PDF so when I type '1' I get taken to page "1" and to go to page "iii" I would type 'iii'. This would make it much quicker for me to move around them more accurately during defenses.

Adobe Acrobat has the ability to renumber pages this way, see these instructions

I am looking for software, preferably open source, which runs on linux that can do this. I am comfortable with the command line.


Not quite a proper solution (nor have I been able to find one either), but my workaround is to chop the pdf into two: the intro with numerals and the rest of the document with numbers such that the document and reader page numbers align.

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