I have a problem with one user account. I created new standard domain user, add to group with rights for connect to terminal server (2008 R2).

This new user (and all other users) run some specific software on server. New user account - software change some values in his HKCU registry-each user has their own values. This values saved but not only for this user (HKCU) - but to all other users accounts (their registries) on the server OR other users get this values from his registry (or any other universal place maybe).

Values are saved in new user HKCU - checked. Before login another user, values are as before (checked load another users NTUSER.DAT). But after login another user <- this user get changed values from registry of new user.

I dont know whats happen. I restarted server, recreate a user account... Nothing helped.

Whats wrong please? Some settings missing?

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