I am wanting to copy my .gitignore file into all projects in my directory.

I do not want to overwrite the file if a folder already has it (so flagging to request confirmation /-y)

for /d %a in (C:\WebDocs\wamp\www\) do copy /-y C:\WebDocs\wamp\www\FolderContainingFileIWantCopied\.gitignore %a

Can someone confirm this is accurate before I run it, and let me know what I should expect (there are over 200 folders, with approximately 10-20 having a .gitignore file currently.

While I was comfortable in the command line in the 90's, I am nervous about running a command that could touch so many projects

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    There are no wild-cards in the in clause, so the for loop will iterate only once. – AFH Jun 7 at 17:29
  • If you want to test a complex loop command, run the inner loop with echo in front of the command to verify the command that it would run. – Chloe Jun 11 at 1:08

For top-level subfolders only:

If you want to stick to command-line:

for /d %A in ("C:\WebDocs\wamp\www\*") do (if not exist "%A\file.gitignore" copy /y "C:\WebDocs\wamp\www\FolderContainingFileIWantCopied\file.gitignore" "%A\file.gitignore")

I generally prefer using variables where I can so I also wrote it out in batch - and also using if not exist in place of the copy /-y prompt to make it more automated, but still not copy unnecessarily (you can remove the if not exist in favor of /-y if you prefer the command prompts, but I feel like it just looks messy - especially when it may repeat a really long command every time).

@echo off

set "dir=C:\WebDocs\wamp\www\"
set "file=file.gitignore"
set "filepath=%dir%\FolderContainingFileIWantCopied\%file%"

for /d %%A in ("%dir%*") do (
    if not exist "%%A\%file%" copy /y "%filepath%" "%%A\%file%"

Either should accomplish what you want. The important pieces yours is missing are * in your for /d folder set and that the %A (command-line) or %%A (batch) at the end needs to also include the name of the file you've copied, which is why I have it written as %A\file.gitignore and %%A\file.gitignore, respectively (though in the batch it's represented as variables).

For all subfolders:

For command-line:

for /d /r "C:\WebDocs\wamp\www\" %A in (*) do (if not exist "%A\file.gitignore" copy /y "C:\WebDocs\wamp\www\FolderContainingFileIWantCopied\file.gitignore" "%A\file.gitignore")

For batch:

@echo off

set "dir=C:\WebDocs\wamp\www\"
set "file=file.gitignore"
set "filepath=%dir%\FolderContainingFileIWantCopied\%file%"

for /d /r "%dir%" %%A in (*) do (
    if not exist "%%A\%file%" copy /y "%filepath%" "%%A\%file%"

Reference: copy and for

  • "The system cannot find the file specified." (repeating loop - using batch processing) – Kender Jun 10 at 20:49
  • I removed the echo off and it looks like it is going into subfolders \wamp\www\SubFolder\.git\objects\56 for example – Kender Jun 10 at 20:52
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    ah I didn't know how far you needed to dive; I've added the batch for that to my answer and will post the command-line version when I have a chance to. – mael' Jun 10 at 21:19
  • added command-line as well; you'll see that the only difference between your initial script was the missing * in your for /d folder_set and the missing file name at the very end for the copy command. the if not exist is just personal preference, so as I said in the answer you can remove if not exist "%A\file.gitignore" and change the copy /y to copy /y`. – mael' Jun 10 at 21:28
  • Thank you. The filename is .gitignore there is nothing before the dot so I made that small edit and it worked fine. I want to thank you for your time in doing both the command line and batch file versions of the command, I learned a little today. – Kender Jun 12 at 13:40

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