While trying to set up my local host environment, I deleted my apache2 folder using the terminal command rm -rf etc/apache2. How can I revert to default apache2 settings?  I am thinking of reinstalling my Mac OS in recovery mode – is that a good idea?


Reinstalling the entire OS seems like overkill. If you have another mac running mojave you can just copy the /etc/apache2 directory over from it. It looks like the only machine-specific settings are in /etc/apache2/users which have a file per username called /etc/apache2/users/USERNAME.conf and look like

<Directory "/Users/USERNAME/Sites/">
        Options Indexes MultiViews
        Require all granted
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  • Hello I do not have another Mac ? Do you have another Mac ? – Henry Tirla Jun 9 '19 at 15:59
  • @HenryTirla - you don't need another mac. You can just download Mojave from App Store, install on a different partition or external disk then copy directory as marathon says. – lx07 Jun 10 '19 at 18:45

Thank you for your suggestions.What I Did is had a friend send over his etc/Apache2 folder since we running on the same OS and I just did the set up. Thank you for everything guys

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