This image is the state we strive for, in order for peace and harmony. To be clear, I can surf the web, my browser can get internet, that's not the problem. My network doesn't get access to the internet, which means my programs like Outlook cannot retrieve emails. enter image description here

My system:

  1. Windows 7 Ultimate
  2. Adapters listed in Screenshots.
  3. NEW Netgear Nighthawk R7000P -- only upgraded because of Digital landline for Cox
  4. Non-optional Cox Modem - required for digital landline with Cox
  5. Intel(R) i5, 3.4Ghz
  6. I use static IP
    enter image description here

I first noticed this only because I use Outlook. Outlook connects the the internet and downloads my email from several email accounts. But it hadn't been working. And in figuring things out I now know WHY, but I don't know what is causing the issue.

3 states my Network is constantly battling with right now: (refer to 3 images)

Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Network and Sharing Center

(image 1) - Network Unidentified & No internet Access Network Unidentified & No internet Access

(image 2) Network Identified, but No Network Internet Access Network Identified, but No Network Internet Access

(image 3) Network Stuck in "Unidentified Network..." Network Stuck in "Unidentified Network..."

What I've done and it does fix it, but only until the next cold boot.

Troubleshoots that do indeed work:

  1. Disable all Network device adapters. Then Enable the adapter for internet access. enter image description here
  2. Power off the modem and router. Power on Modem and leave for a minute. Then power on the Router
  3. Reboot computer.

So just now I had to do all three of these troubleshooting steps, and none of them worked. So I did this today: I uninstalled the device driver for my LAN Ethernet Controller.

I have to do this troubleshooting daily.

So does this mean firewall? Hardware? My network settings?

Today I also uninstalled the driver for my LAN adapter. Image below. Like I said, it solved my problem, but for this boot. Next cold boot it will be another session of troubleshooting. enter image description here

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