I am trying to build libzmq for Android using CMake and the toolchain embedded in the NDK.

My system is MacOS 10.14.3

I freshly downloaded the latest NDK [r20] but the problem was here already with r19c.

The CMake process fails when it tries to compile a "simple test program" and says:

ld: unknown option: --sysroot=/Users/me/android-ndk-r20/platforms/android-28/arch-arm

I tried to compile another library (custom) to confirm that its a toolchain issue and got the same error.

In the --helpoutput of the compiler (from the embedded toolchain), I found this:

-isysroot <dir>         Set the system root directory (usually /)

Could there be an issue with the NDK toolchain for MacOS that passes the --sysroot parameter instead of the -isysroot one?
Is there a workaround? (Like something to add in the CMake toolchain file maybe?)

Here is my CMake toolchain file :

set(CMAKE_ANDROID_ARCH_ABI armeabi-v7a)
set(CMAKE_ANDROID_NDK /Users/me/android-ndk-r20)
set(CMAKE_ANDROID_STL_TYPE c++_static)

In the meantime, I will run this through a Ubuntu docker image and see how it goes.

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I ran into this same exact issue on OSX and ended up reverting to the NDK 18b revision and it worked for my needs.

Same problem on the NDK Rev 19c. I think there's an issue with the NDK on r19c and r20

  • Thanks for the input. I ended up using a docker Ubuntu and cross-compiling using the CMake toolchain file from the Android NDK. This way, I still use the latest NDK. I didn't post an answer because it does not really answer the question :S
    – PlikPlok
    Commented Jun 19, 2019 at 15:36

Toolchain needs to be specified:


The Android Gradle Plugin invokes CMake with this argument which leads to no error. See NDK's CMake page

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