Why the dig (Domain Information Groper) use the Groper?

What' the Groper's meaning there?

I queried the dictionary, it is a person name or Epinephelussp.

Why in a Computer Terms the dig use the Groper?

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  • I think this belongs on english.stackexchange, possibly with a note that "dig" refers to a computer program used to query domain names. – davidgo Jun 12 at 4:45

I believe its fairly simple - A groper is "someone who gropes". To grope means to "search blindly or uncertainly".

Its little more then a short cool (I assume) sounding acronym for a tool which helps search for a resource on the Internet.

  • It is the second sense that is used here - "to search for.."<domain information> not "to fondle"<domain information> – lx07 Jun 12 at 7:56

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