I'm using Netis WF2409E router and using Wi-Fi.

I want to forward port. I forwarded port in router settings and in Windows Firewall. But when I check port on "canyouseeme.org" it gives an error

Error: I could not see your service on **.***.**.*** on port (42474)
Reason: No route to host

When i try to use "telnet" command in cmd I get Connecting To ***.***.*.*...Could not open connection to the host, on port 42474: Connect failed

So, what's wrong with this? It happens to every port I try to forward.

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    1. Your ISP is likely using Carrier Grade NAT. 2. Accessing the public IP from your private network will only work if your router supports NAT Reflection/NAT Loopback/NAT Hairpinning. Most consumer grade routers don't. – DavidPostill Jun 12 at 13:01
  • Port forwarding implies that you are trying to connect through your public IP address. If you don't have a fixed IP from your ISP, you'll need to use a Dynamic DNS service (there are plenty of free ones). You'll also need to set a fixed IP for the server on your intranet, so that the forwarding will always be to the same machine. If you're trying to access on your intranet, you don't need port forwarding if you use the server's intranet IP, and it's worth doing this first to check your firewalls on both client and server – AFH Jun 12 at 13:15

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