After a mail has been processed by Apache James it seems that the "Return-Path" header is set. I want to change its value - or if that is not possible - prevent it from being generated altogether. I tried using the RemoveMimeHeader mailet in the mailetcontainer.xml, but that does not seem to work. Configuration looks as follows:

<mailet match="All" class="RemoveMimeHeader">

I added this mailet before and after the RemoteDelivery mailet in processor state outbound, but both do not seem to be working. In context the whole outbound processor looks as follows:

            <processor state="outbound" enableJmx="true">

                          <mailet match="All" class="RemoveMimeHeader">

                    <mailet match="All" class="RemoteDelivery">

                            <!-- Delivery Schedule based upon RFC 2821, -->
                            <!-- 5 day retry period, with 4 attempts in the first hour, two more within the first 6 hours, and then every 6 hours for the rest of the period. -->
                            <delayTime>5 minutes</delayTime>
                            <delayTime>10 minutes</delayTime>
                            <delayTime>45 minutes</delayTime>
                            <delayTime>2 hours</delayTime>
                            <delayTime>3 hours</delayTime>
                            <delayTime>6 hours</delayTime>

                            <!-- The max reties which will used if no A or MX record for the domain was found. -->
                            <!-- If 0 it will fail on first time -->

                            <!-- The number of threads that should be trying to deliver outgoing messages -->

                            <!-- If false the message will not be sent to given server if any recipients fail -->

                            <!-- By default we send bounces to the "bounce" processor -->
                            <!-- By removing this configuration James will fallback to hardcoded bounce -->
                            <!-- notifications -->

                            CHANGE ME: Replace smtp relay hostname  -->



Any help of how the value could be changed (statically for now) or removed?

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