I'm using iReport 4.5.1. I've set a repository for distant jasper server, connexion is OK, I can open report (stored in temp folder).

I click on my "analytic_valo" report and I add a field. I save my edited report, then I click on my report in the repository Navigator and Right click>Replace with Current Document, it tells me : "File successfully updated". And the edited rapport still have the edits even if i close iReport.

Finaly I go on OpenERP and try to print my report : it is not edited

I don't know if it's the correct way to do, but before I've done this and it worked.

The tricky part is I duplicated the database With Odoo, and I copied the repository files in iReport : I copied [repo name] > openerp > bases > [mybase] , and [repo name] > openerp > reports > [mybase]

The "analytic_valo" report I edited is in [repo name] > openerp > reports > [mybase] > analytic_valo ; not in [repo name] > openerp > bases > [mybase] > analytic_valo > analytic_valo

I tell this because the report in bases sometimes don't replace, sometimes it show it's replaced but currently no.

Sreenshot of my iReport

So can you tell me how can in test where the problem is between the correct on iReport and the wrong report in OpenERP please?

Sorry if the subject is not appropriate for SuperUser (StackOverflow redirects me here)

EDIT : Jaspersoft doc seems to tell me this is the correct way https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/jasperreports-server-user-guide/editing-report-repository-ireport

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