sorry if this is not the right place, so far I haven't found neither a solution, neither a reason.

I take back to live an old Lenovo Helix (1st generation), reinstall W10, drivers and so on, just to discover touch is not responding (pencil without a problem).

Last time I used was great, like a year and half ago, I thought to be a great piece of hardware for my children to start scratch and similar.

Go to Bios and neither was there touch working, so I start using it for some software testing (I am a programmer, no touch, all SO installed).

Then, couple of days later, after several hours, I notice touch was back, GREAT, restart and still working, SLEEP, wake up later, no touch any longer, OFF and ON several times, no luck... Next day, work again, until it stopped working. And like this has been no-pattern on the last couple of weeks.

no matter if I plug, or unplug, (power or keyboard) if I restart, if I move softly of hard, if I take OUT/IN the pencil... if it works, it works, if it do not work, do not work...

erratic, without pattern

as said, I not sure what I am looking for really, if a solution, or understand what can be the reason. I am sure it is a HW thing, because, as it works, it also does in BIOS, and no drivers changes have take place between working and non working periods.

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  • Bad connector? Unfortunately these sorts of problems are exceptionally difficult to solve remotely and over a forum like this. You should take your computer to a qualified local technician for diagnosis and possible repair. – music2myear Jun 15 at 1:44