I do not deem the title phenomenon a problem, per se, I would rather say I am quite content with Windows' boot times when I use the fast boot option - it takes me around fifteen seconds to boot the computer that way. However, after using the 'reset' option and actually turning off the computer fully, it took six and half a minute to boot.

Why does it happen?

How does it look for you? Could you please give me your times of 'fast' and 'cold' (regular) boot of your W10 machines? I would like to compare my results and yours and see whether I should consider my 'cold' boot times as problematic and whether any worries are justified.

Hardly ever do I boot my laptop in such a way, however, sometimes it does happen and may prove annoying.

Oh, I almost forgot, my laptop is of course equipped with an SSD and I would like you to post results from your SSD equipped computers, too.

Thanks in advance!


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