I'm using Windows 10. When I search for a file containing "15-47" within a folder in the file explorer, it says no results, but when I look through the folder, I see a file containing 15-47 in the filename (along with some other text -- in case it's relevant, the full file name is ONCA_15-47_ENACTED.pdf). I find that if I enter "ONCA_15-47_ENACTED" instead of "15-47", it does come up as a result. This sort of thing has happened many times in the past. Is there some way to fix this?


Use wildcards in the search field - that is, instead of searching for 15-47, search for *15-47*.

  • Thanks, that works! I'm surprised that's not the normal functionality.
    – nCardot
    Jun 12 '19 at 18:21

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