Im trying to achieve automatic IP whitelisting by a server as many employees in our company work remotely and their IP addresses tend to change quite frequently.

This consumes my time as a system admin as I have to manually go in the server and whitelist individual IPs.

What can I do so that the server can automatically whitelist IPs based on the client's machines?

Thanks in advance.

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    I doubt you will find example scripts. This seems rather simple. The linked service runs a shell script that goes to the controlled machine or firewall and adds/removes IPs from the whitelist. Do you already have a shell with commands for controlling the white list? The only thing I would be really careful about is making sure the script is robust to code injections attacks (e.g. the IP to whitelist is really an IP address and not more shell commands). – Andy Jun 12 at 19:32
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    There is a solution to this problem. Configure a VPN server on the network, allow that single IP address to connect to your internet, that way your whitelist is extremely small. The VPN would be the only server accessible to an outside network. You can then implement any number of security solutions to harden it. A whitelist is an ineffective solution when you are dealing with extranet connections to your intranet. A whitelist to only allow intranet connections is worthwhile, since you have complete control, over which devices are assign which addresses. – Ramhound 2 days ago
  • Agree, explore VPN solutions and call it done!! – Pimp Juice IT 2 days ago