I am in the page layout tab of an Excel worksheet and I am trying to add print titles but the "rows to repeat at top" is grayed out and won't let me enter anything. The spreadsheet is cut and pasted from a protected document sent to me that I have copied and saved under a different name, which didn't help. I am able to select a print area, but not to set titles.

  • Do you have multiple sheets highlighted? That will cause the "Rows to repeat at top" field to be grayed out. (Probably not, because you mention that the "Print area" field is usable. But it's worth a shot.) – Doug Deden Jun 12 at 20:16
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    Another possible cause: Be sure you don't have Print Preview open in another Excel window. Or even having the File tab open in another Excel window. – Doug Deden Jun 12 at 20:18

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