I have googled many answers on StackExchange, but I couldn't understand (nor execute) most of the suggestions. Any help appreciated.

I run into this precise problem - unable to import CSV using "LOAD DATA INFILE" on Goorm IDE. I have already uploaded the csvs to the folder, and tried LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE, but I still get ERROR 1290.

The popular answers always involve editing my.cnf, yet I have no idea what to type to make my.cnf show up, or what commands to write to disable secure-file-priv.

I tried nano /etc/my.cnf as well. All I see is a blank space after I type it into the command. Any idea?

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  • Do you know how to search for items in your filesystem? What OS? How familiar are you with nano? – music2myear 2 days ago

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