I'm using an Arch Linux OS with KDE plasma desktop. I expect to work on some react native project using a better IDE. After some searching on internet, found the Nuclide IDE and I expected to install it.

For that, according to the official documentation of Nuclide, first I tried to install the package using Atom package system as mentioned in here.

However I could not able to find out corresponding package from the package list.

A screenshot of the package list

Then, I tried this stack-overflow answer and all the commands are worked perfectly. However, when I open the Atom, always I get this error. Even I go to the package list to verify package, couldn't able to find that option in there. Only I can see is this.

I know Nuclide IDE is no longer maintain by Facebook. But nowhere I found that say it is no longer work. Is there a way to install Nuclide to my PC other than this? or is there a better IDE for react native application developments. VS code is not a solution and it eats my memory so much. I needed some alternative for that.

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