Whenever I search anything in Windows 10 ( > Start Typing), Windows shows web results (from Bing) on the top, even if I have a file with the exact name as the search term, or the search term matches some text in a file. This is very annoying as I have to press and then Enter ←l every time I need to open something quickly. It does not even search the files and folders properly and shows some really useless web results.

I searched the web for instructions on disabling web results from Windows search, but they were either "patched " by Microsoft, or required Local Group Policy Editor (GPEdit.msc), which Windows 10 Home doesn't have. I tried to download it, but Microsoft's website has this, which is for Windows XP/Windows Server 2003.

Can web results from Windows 10 search be disabled in Windows 10 Home without GPEdit?
If not, how can I get GPEdit in Windows 10 Home?

Version: 1903
Build: 18362.145
Edit: The 1903 update did make search better, but when I search for something when the HDD is being used, it can't search fast enough and shows web results till the time it finishes the search.

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    While there are registry keys, it’s far easier, just to add the group policy editor to home instructions. – Ramhound Jun 13 at 5:44
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    Working solution that is applicable to 1803+ and thus a duplicate candidate superuser.com/questions/1196618/… the group policies don’t even work on 1903 (although the editor is still helpful to have) – Ramhound Jun 13 at 5:52

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