I am wondering if I can password protect a printer that is connected to the network. The printer, a Brother HL-L2360DW, it is connected to the network via Ethernet to a switch in the office, and distributed to the computers that are also connected via Ethernet to the switch.

When a user prints something to that printer, it is printed on "Security paper". I want to put a password on it so when someone clicks print, a dialog box shows up that states that a password is required.

The PCs in the clinic run Windows 10 Pro, and there is no Windows Server on the network.

Can this be done? I have seen a print server recommended, so could getting a Windows Server Specific OS help, or can it be done by connecting the printer to USB to a Windows 10 Pro machine used by the medical assistant and leaving it on?

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I have consulted your printer's Online User's Guide and have found no such option in your printer's firmware.

The answer is then negative for network connect.

You may have more options when using a PC as a print server, but not when the printer is directly available on the switch.

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