Let say A1's value is 0.34

If I use =ROUND(A1,2) formula in excel, this will produce 0.34 too.

I know this is the right one.

What I want to do is to change 0.34 value to 0.35


Microsoft Excel provides three functions for round numbers to the nearest multiple of 0.5:

  • To round a number down to nearest 0.5, use the FLOOR function, for example
    =FLOOR(A2, 0.5).
  • To round a number up to nearest 0.5, use the CEILING function, for example
    =CEILING(A2, 0.5).
  • To round a number up or down to nearest 0.5, use the MROUND function, for example =MROUND(A2, 0.5). Rounding up or down depends on the remainder from dividing the number by multiple - if the remainder is equal to or greater than half the value of multiple, the number is rounded upward, otherwise downward.

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  • interesting. Seems Mround only works for positive values. – Forward Ed Jun 15 at 15:04
  • 1
    If negatives involved, try instead =MROUND($A3, SIGN($A3) * 0.5) – BowlOfRed Jun 15 at 16:54

Use =ROUND(A1*2,1)/2 or =MROUND(A1,.05). This lets you round in .05 increments.

  • Thanks but didn't work. I'm still getting 0.34 – Sabrina Jun 15 at 8:21

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